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The 16 Best Cleaning Products for Your Home in 2023


WBM Cleaning Products for Your Home

One of the most necessary items you need in your home is a set of cleaning products. These cleaning products assist us in leading healthy lives, by defending us against germs, pollutants, allergens, and several other infectious ailments. Additionally, the majority of the cleaning troubles will be reduced by using cleaning tools. Nobody wants to spend hours cleaning the entire house, which also takes a lot of work and energy, in these highly technological days. When you want to keep your home free of dirt, dust, and germs, you must clean the house. You can approach it as a DIY job, but you won’t be able to complete it successfully if you don’t employ the right tools.

To make your overall cleaning easier, WBM manufacture high-quality home cleaning products at very affordable price. You can choose the products you want from a wide range of household cleaning supplies. In conclusion, has everything you could want.

Best Cleaning Products for your Home

Let’s have a look at some of the best home cleaning supplies:

Floor Cleaning Brush in Pakistan

W Home Floor cleaning Brush would meet your needs if you require some effective cleaning equipment for floors, walls, and ceilings. High-Quality plastic materials such as PP/PET/TPR and an aluminum rod with a telescoping handle are used to make this floor cleaning brush. Use the floor cleaning brush to complete a thorough cleaning when it’s time to get rid of the dirt, dust, and grime. The marble tiles, showers, and floor can all be cleaned with this brush, which effectively removes difficult stains and filth. Perfect for both wet and dry cleaning of windows, walls, ceilings, and other surfaces in the kitchen, bathroom, and outdoors. The 11 x 3 inches of the brush heads provide great power to scrub away filth and grime. The aluminum handle has a length of 47 inches, ideal for daily cleaning. The floor brush is durable, lightweight, and has a hole for convenient hanging and cabinet storage.


Cleaning Broom Brush Online in Pakistan

Maintain a tidy indoor and outdoor environment with the help of a cleaning broom brush. A Broom Brush is great for shining and shimmering sweep and ensures that all dirt is lifted with just one swipe because it is 50% more efficient than a standard broom. Without blowing ash or hair around, our equipment effortlessly catches dust, hair, paper scrap, and other similar objects from floors. This broom is essential for pathways, driveways, and patios leading to factories and other commercial settings. The product’s well-structured design makes sweeping wet and dry surfaces simple thanks to its large cleaning base. The cleaning brush in Pakistan has a long lifespan due to the strength of the handle and its reusability. The Sweeping Brush’s ideal dimensions are 230 x 40 x 180 mm, allowing it to quickly clean a large area. The Cleaning Broom Brush contains a high-quality cylindrical plastic rod and soft rectangle fiber bristles.


Carpet Cleaning Brush in Pakistan

W Home Carpet brush head are made of sturdy material and are not easily bent or twisted. This hard carpet brush is durable, washable, re-useable, and odor-resistant. Cleaning tablecloths, rugs, and carpets are a breeze with this strong carpet brush. Grab the carpet brush with a handle if you require portable cleaning equipment for carpet cleaning so that you can quickly sweep up all the debris and pet hair while working quickly and effectively. The carpet broom has a built-in hole that makes it simple to keep in cupboards. The 11.5 x 3 inches wide brush head for the carpet cleaning brush head comes with a detachable metal rod that is 52.5 inches long and has a telescoping handle. It performs better than traditional brooms when long hair needs to be picked up. A useful tool that can clean spills, dust, and hair. Their sturdy brushes remove the particles without tearing the carpet’s material.


Broom Brush Set Online in Pakistan

W Home’s dustpan and brush are composed of premium PP/PET/TPR material for long-lasting durability. This expert dustpan and cleaning broom are perfect for swiftly and effectively cleaning your home’s kitchen, offices, lobbies, garages, hard-to-reach surfaces, and tight corners and edges. Each time the broom bristles are passed through the dustpan, the comb thoroughly cleans the brush. The floor cleaning broom with dustpan eliminates the need for bulky brooms and outperforms conventional broom and dustpan sets. The set is durable as well as stain and rust-resistant. The broom brush includes a built-in hole that makes it simple to hang it on a wall or store it in a cabinet.

Broom Brush

Microfiber Flat Floor Mop in Pakistan

Extra-long, lightweight microfiber mops system with durable, washable pads and aluminum alloy. Longer, strong handle with a dry mode for dusting brush or sweeping and wet mode for cleaning hardwood, tile, laminate, vinyl, and wood surfaces. The floor mop handle is constructed of premium stainless steel, which is resistant to wear and tear and repeated usage. Both top-loading washers and side-loading washers allow for several machine washings of microfiber mop pads.

  • Cleaning is made simple with the extra long, extendable aluminum telescoping handle and head.
  • Wash disposable pads frequently
  • The Floor mop’s flexible 360-degree swivel mop head makes it simple to clean beneath furniture, inside cupboards, and in other difficult-to-reach places.
  • You may easily clean the wall or ceiling by adjusting the length of the mop pole to your comfort level when standing at different heights.

Hand wash Free Flat mop Refill

Microfiber mop pads are a fantastic way to save money. These are reusable and tough enough for professionals while still being ideal for household use. The microfiber mop pad is stronger and more durable. For the dry floor, thick microfiber pads have greater dirt power and higher absorption when wet mopping. While removing sticky spots, be careful not to harm sealed floors. Up to 100 washings in the machine! Give your flooring the thorough cleaning it needs! Microfiber mop pads are made to glide across a hard flooring surface without leaving any streaks or debris behind. You’ll continue to use and adore these mop pads because they were developed to withstand hundreds of machine washes and are beloved by many who work in the professional cleaning industry. When a pad gets dirty, either throw it in the washing machine or give it a quick rinse under the faucet for further uses.


2-in-1 Toilet Cleaning Brush

WBM Home Toilet Brush has durable bristles that are good at removing dirt from the toilets. The toilet brush has a separate brush for each task and may be used for multipurpose in the bathroom, including cleaning sinks and bathtubs. It has a comfortable and non-slip grip that makes it simple for you to complete toilet tasks.    The bristles of the toilet cleaning brush are composed of tough, rust-resistant polypropylene. The brush head’s firm bristles are utilized to properly clean the toilet rims and edges. The 18.5-inch toilet brush handle’s dual-sided bristles provide quick cleaning without deviating from your regular cleaning schedule. Your toilets will always seem brand new with the use of durable bristles which also prevent mold or bacteria from forming on the bristles.


Floor Cleaning Brush in Pakistan

W Home Floor Brush removes dirt from both dry and wet surfaces. With just one swipe, it guarantees that all the dirt particles are eliminated. The resilient bristles ensure their long-lasting use. The floor brush can be kept in cabinets and behind doors because of the hanging loop. It is also available with a handle for your ease.

  • Floor brush should be used when using chemicals to clean siding, decks, or concrete.
  • Easy to use and won’t scratch the bathtub’s surface.
  • Brush with thick bristles helps clear away debris from the bumps and grooves.
  • Remove stains from the kitchen range and other equipment.

Dustpan and Brush Online in Pakistan

This cleaning kit comes with a multipurpose pan and a brush that can handle both major and minor household issues. Made with high-quality polypropylene bristles that are 100% recyclable, do not easily come apart, and do not distort after use. The dustpan’s broad, deep surface gathers all the garbage. You can use this tiny brush and dustpan in hallways, garages, bathrooms, and other places. A built-in comb on the rubber lip of the dustpan allows particles to be removed by sweeping the brush through it. The brush and dustpan have a snap-on design because the brush handle’s ergonomic design slides into the dustpan handle for convenient storage in small places.


Window Cleaning Squeegee

Are you sick of using your hands to wipe the glass doors and windows? For an effective stain and dirt removal off windows, glass doors, floors, and automobile windshields, use the W Home Window Squeegee. It is now simpler for you to complete your daily cleaning on schedule because of the non-slip grip. You can hang the Window cleanser on cupboards and walls. Suitable for cleaning both indoors and outdoors, it makes cleaning difficult-to-reach areas simple.


Microfiber Duster with Extension

W Home Microfiber duster with extension can be used to trap all the dust particles on difficult-to-reach surfaces. The extended duster cleans high places such as walls, ceilings, lamps, and lights. The extension’s length can be changed to suit your needs and cleaning objectives. Warm water or detergent can be used to wash this extendable duster. With a small design and a non-slip handle, the super-soft Microfiber Duster is easy to hold in your hands. The microfiber duster is shielded from rust and corrosion by a plastic cover.


Multicolor cleaning duster in Pakistan

The W Home Multi-Color Cleaning Duster makes cleaning tasks simple by trapping and holding dust from surfaces by producing a static charge that draws the dust like a magnet. The Cleaning Duster removes cobwebs and keeps dust off of your windows, tables, and bookcases. To maintain the Duster’s continued use, hand washing is an option. The polypropylene fibers are protected by the 9-section plastic cover. Use the flexible fiber duster for simple use and practical storage in tight spaces instead of a chair or ladder to clear cobwebs, curtains, tables, and closets.


Microfiber Cleaning Towel Online in Pakistan

WBM Home Microfiber Cleaning Towels are lightweight, ultra-soft microfiber towels for multipurpose use that are reasonably priced. These cleaning towels work well for cleaning, dusting, and drying items around the house, in the kitchen, and at the office. Warm water and a mild detergent are used to wash and dry. You shouldn’t use fabric softener or bleach. When combined with water and microfiber cleaning towel     , dirt, grit, and dust can be attracted. Towels may absorb up to eight times their weight in water and can trap these particles within 110,000 fibers per square inch. They are available in different colors:

  • Red
  • Blue
  • White
  • Yellow
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