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Enjoy Gluten-Free Ramazan Package for a Healthier Fasting Experience

Ramazan is a blessing that people get in the ninth month of the Islamic year. This month, Muslims fast from dawn till dusk for almost 29 to 30 days. Ramazan brings happiness with it in the form of Suhoor and Iftar. Some of us may face difficulty in Ramazan because of gluten intolerance, but now they can ease the situation with a gluten-free food package. This month people bring changes in their habits and some changes occur in their sleep cycle and dietary routine. That’s why WBM Brand Himalayan Chef Grocery Shopping in Pakistan introduced 2 different Ramazan Packages related to the Gluten Products.

  • Gluten-Free Ramadan Package – Pack of 16
  • Gluten Free Ramadan Package – Pack of 12

What is Gluten?

Gluten is a simple name for proteins that are found in wheat barley and rye. It maintains the shape of food and gives it an elastic-like structure. The word Gluten is derived from glue as it holds food together. Gluten gives the rise to the food while baking and makes it fluffy.

Issues Related to Gluten

Some health issues are caused by gluten which worsens the health condition. These include Celiac disease, Wheat Allergy, Non-Celiac Gluten sensitivity, Gluten Ataxia, and Dermatitis Herpetiformis. The major issue that most people face is celiac disease. Gluten triggers the immune reaction in the small intestine which damages the villi. This may lead to nutrient deficiency as damaged villi are unable to absorb the nutrients properly.

Gluten-Free diet

To deal with gluten-related issues a person should have a gluten-free diet. There is no cure for gluten-causing issues but a person can ease the symptoms by removing gluten from the diet. Best foods to control Gluten Intolerance include nuts, seeds, fruits, legumes, poultry, fish, vegetables, dairy products, and gluten-free grains.

Gluten-Free Ramadan Package by Himalayan Chef

To deal with the gluten-related issues, Himalayan Chef introduces a Ramadan Food Package. This is happening for the first time that a company is offering a health-related Ramadan food package which is also economical. A person can maintain health while going easy on a budget. This food package focuses on patients dealing with gluten-related diseases. All the products included in this are safe to use for a person having gluten intolerance. All the products are gluten-free and are 100% naturally pure in resealable packaging.

Gluten-Free Ramadan Package (Full Pack)

  • Irani Dates
  • Gluten-free Atta
  • Mix Dry Fruit
  • Cornflour
  • Honey
  • Psyllium Husk
  • Shakkar
  • Mixed Oats
  • Besan
  • Desi Ghee
  • Fruit Chaat Masala
  • Daal Chana
  • Black Chana
  • Rice Flour
  • Steam Basmati Rice
  • Pink Salt

Gluten-Free Ramadan Package (Small Pack)

  • Rabi Dates
  • Gluten-free Atta
  • Mix Dry Fruit
  • Almond
  • Honey
  • Psyllium Husk
  • Shakkar
  • Mixed Oats
  • Besan
  • Desi Ghee
  • Fruit Chaat Masala
  • Daal Chana

Gluten-Free Package Description

Gluten-Free Atta/Flour

The main product to be discussed is gluten-free atta / flour. It is a combination of different whole grains that are better for use in gluten intolerance. This flour can ease the symptoms of gluten intolerance and prevent autoimmune triggered reactions, especially during Ramadan. This atta includes

Sr. Name Percentage
1 White Flour 35
2 Corn Flour 18
3 Rice Flour 15
4 Wheat Flour 12.3
5 Bengal Gram 12
6 Soya Bean 7.5
7 Salt 0.2

All of the above ingredients of gluten-free atta are safe to use for a person with gluten intolerance and all of them are in the perfect percentage. The other distinctive features of gluten-free atta are listed below

  • It has higher nutrients than regular flour
  • It has a low glycemic index
  • Good for immunity, metabolism, and improving digestion
  • Tastes good because of the blend of whole grains
  • Free from allergens

Legumes & Nuts

The second most abundant products in this package are legumes and nuts. Legumes like Daal Chanaand Black Chana are good for gluten intolerance as they don’t have gluten in them. These are the best gravies to have in Ramadan. These can be used in different ways depending upon the requirement. These can be cooked as gravy or can be boiled to add to other different dishes. Nuts are a good source of nutrients to fulfill daily requirements. These can be taken as a snack or can be sprinkled on foods.

Rice and Corn Flour

Rice flour and Corn flour are obtained from the organic corn and rice that are grown in the region of the Himalayas. They are naturally gluten-free though it is best for people having gluten intolerance. These give several nutrients that are necessary for the body. These nutrients include vitamin B6, potassium, magnesium, iron, and dietary fiber.

Honey & Shakkar

Removing white sugar from the diet is not specifically for a gluten-free diet. White sugar should be removed from any kind of diet or food as it is better for everyone to not use white sugar. There are substitutes for white sugar that are natural and organic. This package includes Honey and Shakkar, these are the best substitute for white sugar. These are naturally gluten-free and are safe to use in any food product. These can also be sprinkled on foods.


Dates are a superfood that any person can use. Dates are an important part of Ramadan. Irani & Rabi Dates provide an adequate amount of carbohydrates & fiber and are safe for gluten intolerance. These are also rich in nutrients like potassium, magnesium, iron, and vitamin B6. Due to this, along with being gluten-free, it gives several health benefits which makes it a superfood.

Mixed Oats

Mixed Oats are obtained from the Himalayan region where they grow organically without any pesticide or herbicide. These are good for gluten intolerance and can be used in any form. This can be cooked in water or milk with added honey or Shakkar as a sweetener. It provides enormous health benefits.

Pink Salt

Pink Salt is obtained from the Himalayan region in its pure form. It contains many important nutrients like potassium, magnesium, and iron. It also has traces of 84 minerals that are necessary for the human body. It is good for gluten intolerance patients as it does not worsen the symptom of gluten intolerance and is best to use in daily life not in Ramadan.


Gluten intolerance is an issue faced by most people and it is more difficult to deal with it during Ramadan. It is incurable, so the person has to remove gluten from his diet to remove symptoms. Therefore, Himalayan Chef offered a gluten-free Ramadan food package through which a person can have a healthy Ramadan.

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