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Long-Grain Basmati Rice, Fluffy & Quick Cooking, Aromatic, Available in Pakistan



  1. Very Informative article about basmati rice lots of confusion clear today about basmati rice and their consumption looking forward to try Himalayan Chief Basmati Rice soon.

  2. I love basmati rice. I like the smell, the ease of cooking, the way the grains are individually separable after cooking. Guys I really Recommend you to buy Himalayan Chef Long Grain Basmati Rice for extraordinary Taste.

  3. Aromatic and long grain as mentioned. Liked the briyani I made out of it. Tastes yummy.

    Thank you Himalayan chef Basmati Rice

  4. It was my best Experience with Himalayan Chef Basmati Rice. I have not tasted such dilicious rice before, purely Natural.
    Thanks to Himalayan Chef and Highly recommended!

  5. A well comprehensive blog! loved it. I am always worried whether to eat rice everyday or not, but this actually solved my query. Tried the product and loved every bit of it. Totally recommended(((:

  6. Really good in Taste and delicious in every kind of Rice dish. Everyone must enjoy its taste while cooking this Basmati Rice any way. I always like to cook Himalayan Chef Basmati Rice .

    I would like to recommend this Extra Long Rice to all , so that everyone must enjoy the taste of this Grain.

  7. Absolutely delicious, long grain rice. Whenever i cook Baryani with Himalayan chef’s rice they turn out perfect in taste, texture and aroma.
    Highly recommended.

  8. Best Experience with Himalayan Basmati Rice that are Natural Pure, Organic and full of nutrition.
    Thankyou Himalayan Chef.

  9. I tried Himalayan Chef Basmati rice few days back and loved it. It taste so delicious and their long grains adds more taste to its quality. And the best quality about them is that they come in an zipper seal bag which make storing rice easier.
    I high recommend using Himalayan chef Basmati rice because of its unique taste and aroma.

  10. I thought “rice was rice”. I bought this and WOW, it cooked up perfectly in my rice cooker! Tender, extra long grains of rice with great flavor. I’ve been eating it plain its so good! Shared with a coworker who loves it too. Its the BEST tasting rice I’ve ever eaten. It even looks perfect–fluffy, tender, individual grains–not a mushy bland blob.

  11. WBM Himalayan Chef is among my preferred brands for Basmati. They have various styles so it is easy to choose what one you want. This rice is the best Basmati rice I have had. The grains are hugely long and separate. It cooks up amazingly fluffy and separate. Will definitely be buying this again. Satisfied Customer.

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