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WBM Exhibited Its Complete Product Range At National Horse And Cattle Show

Lahore:WBM Group of Companies presented its complete product range at the 3-day mega NationalHorse and Cattle Show

Horse and Cattle Showthe most notable cultural event of Pakistan was held this yearat Fortress Stadium, Lahore. The event initially took place in 1964 as a symbol of cultural and traditional display. Previously, it was held in 2015. This year, the Government of Punjab decided to resume itafter a long gap of more than 7 years. It was an experience packed with excitement and entertainment. A huge series of events and a variety of segments reflected the whole cultural aspect of Pakistan. All the provinces demonstrated their cultural and traditional strengths.

Teams from Azad Kashmir, Gilgit Baltistan, Balochistan, KPK, Sindh, and Punjab participated in all major events. As all the teams marched in front of the spectators with flags from their respective regions, the spectators cheered. As soon as this phase concluded, another one began! Numerous breeds of trained cattle were there to steal the show. Horses, ponies, sheep, dogs, and cows participated in their respective competitions. Besides, there was a live paragliding segment that was a treat to the spectator’s eyesfor sure. Along with that, there were abundant amusing activities for the common public as well.

“It had been a wonderful day! Such events must be organized consistently as they bring the community together and close to their values”, says a visitor at the Show.

The event was inaugurated by the President of Pakistan and CM Punjab as they reach the venue in a traditional horse carriage.Various public and private sector organizations participated in the event to exhibit themselves. WBM Group of Companies a multinational organization with its basis in Flemington New Jersey – presented its whole product range at the show. The product segments included personal care products, smart home products, cleaning goods, home décor, and so on. Each of them was manufactured intending to make people’s lives healthier, smarter, aesthetic,and more convenient. Visitors took great interest in the modern product range offered by WBM. They admired every segment and detail behind all the innovative and distinctive products.

Himalayan Pink Salt Lamps, WBM Smart Home Products, Baby Care Products, and Natural Skincare Range were the top attractions for visitors. The brand exhibitors guided the interested individuals about the whole innovative story behind each product with great enthusiasm. They elaborated the major goals behind such unique manufacturing of the products.

“I had never seen such incredible products in my life! I had never believed that Pakistan is the home to such remarkable talent”, says a visitorwhile exploring through the WBM

Exhibition Booth.

“The world is changing and so do we have to. Better choosing convenience, health, and innovation over anything that got the label of being unreasonably famous”, he further


The amusement doesn’t limit here for WBM admirers! Himalayan Chef – a recently launched sub-brand of WBM – that includes a completely natural and pure kitchen and grocery range – boosted the excitement to the next level. The brand organized a live free cooking and tasting session in the food area for the visitors to test and taste their food items. The major attraction there was the method of cooking. They were using Himalayan Pink Salt plates to cook fresh meat, fish, and eggs. These were coupled with veggies and fruits with a mesmerizing taste that is not easy for anyone to forget for sure!

“WBM is doing great work for the community. It is providing people opportunities to witness the revolutionary innovations in most of the business chains around the world. Pure and quality goods are what we lack in Pakistan. It is satisfactory to see that WBM refuses such a concept”, says an admirer at WBM Exhibition Booth.

The Horse and Cattle Show could not be conducted for the past 7 years for some security reasons. Its revival and success are a symbol of peace for the world. Its rebirth is one of the key initiatives taken by the Government of Punjab to support agriculture, livestock, crafts, public and private businesses around the country for a better future outcome. There should be more events like this as they leave a productive spark behind for the businesses as well as the community.

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